Why now is the right time to buy an apartment in Paris?

After five years of relative stagnation, that demonstrated the resistance of Paris to the international crisis of the international market, starting from August 2016 real estate in Paris showed its full strength with a steady growth both in the number of transactions and in the value.

Between 2016 and 2017, investors contributed around € 20 billion a year to Paris investment market.

The city contributes 31% to the total GDP of France.

Furthermore, the residential market in Paris continues to thrive independently of geopolitical events and fluctuations in the financial markets. Paris therefore proves to be a solid investment over time.

What makes Paris more attractive than its competitors?

Mortgage rates in France remain historically low at less than 2%. Investors take advantage of this and are keen to invest in Paris real estate.

Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world. The city is a primary shopping destination and is renowned as home to numerous luxury brands.

The Paris of today, chosen to host the 2024 Olympics, looks to the future, not only re-evaluating its enormous cultural heritage, but rethinking its structure itself, with a mobility system outside the central areas (the Grand Paris Express) and a series of new urban plans that envisage a development of the metropolitan area.

The French capital is an open-air construction site, at the center of yet another infrastructural revolution that will change its balance and bring it to reaffirm its role as a modern world metropolis. New large neighborhoods are rising in place of unused industrial land or obsolete railway depots both within Paris city (13th, 17th, 19th arrondissements) and in the adjacent suburbs easily reachable by underground and RER.

Events independent of the local market such as Brexit have accentuated the propensity of foreign investors normally more interested in the London market to divert their fortunes on Paris only two hours away from the City.

The urban development model of Paris, following the lines dictated by the mayor Anne Hidalgo in the project “Réinventer Paris”, includes measures of strong social inclusion that allow the French capital to avoid becoming a ghetto for ultra rich avoiding the escape of traders and liberal professions occurred in the most exclusive areas of London and Moscow.

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